UCI-Limited endeavours to provide all our clients with a safe and secure online money market investment environment. We implement strong electronic security measures using industry-standard encryption technology and additional proprietary measures.

We Require users to enter a login ID and password, then process the Two-Factor Authentication for accessing personal account on UCI-Limited Site.
Use 128-bit server technology and recommend use of browsers with 40 or 128-bit, 2-way data encryption technologies (a powerful level of on-line encryption).
Implement the latest firewall technology to protect our computing environment.
Store client account information in separate computers and Client information is separated from our Internet servers to provide another layer of protection.
Set up a backup system. We have backups for all hardware, software and data to ensure that there is no possible single-point of failure for our trading systems.


Having an online trading account doesn’t mean that customer service should ever be compromised. Our guarantee is to always go the extra mile with quicker response and turn-around times of 24 hours or less for any queries and concerns. For general inquiries, our friendly support team members will be available to answer general inquiries via Skype chat and email.


Our aim is to provide you with the tools and guidance you need as you embark on your financial market investing journey.

Education: Learn more about investing from UCI-Limited ’s financial experts during our basic and advanced sessions via Skype.

Regular Reports: Be updated on the latest market exposure and stock market tips from our daily reports sent directly to your email.

Be Mobile!: Conveniently access your account from any mobile device!


Providing you a suitable investment plan based on your financial capability, risk tolerance and trading experience. Earn monthly , quarterly or annually depending on compounding and risk management strategy.

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