A UCI Islamic Account is sometimes also called a swap free account. This is because a UCI-Limited trader using an Islamic account will incur no swaps or interest charges on positions that they hold overnight like a regular forex trading account holder would. You would instead be charged administration fees on your positions.

Are you a forex trader who follows the Islamic faith? If so, then the Sharia compliant UCI-Limited Islamic Account is for you. When a trade on your UCI-Limited Islamic Account has been opened for the required period of time, an administration charge will instead be deducted from the balance of the account.

Islamic Gold and Silver Trading

UCI-Limited are happy to announce an exclusive partnership with Australian Gold and Silver Exchange (AGSX). This partnership is crucial in forming our Islamic gold and silver trading offering. True Islamic Gold and Silver trading must have a physical gold and silver backing and this AGSX partnership has made this possible.

Islamic Oil Trading

Experience Oil trading under Islamic rules with UCI-Limited today. The price of oil on the UCI-Limited MT4 platform is tied to the price of Oil futures traded on futures exchanges around the world. Trade Oil without accruing any positive or negative swaps with UCI-Limited. Tap into volatile Oil trading markets with UCI-Limited today.

Islamic Stocks and Indices Trading

Instantly access the world’s most liquid stock exchange indices and stocks on your UCI-Limited Islamic Forex trading account. Trade indices and stocks directly linked to global stock markets without accruing any swaps. Instead pay or receive administration fees on your UCI-Limited Islamic index and stock trading account.

Islamic Forex and CryptoCurrencies

UCI-Limited have introduced their Islamic CryptoCurrency and Forex account option, which fully complies with the religious needs of members of the Muslim faith. All clients who open a UCI-Limited Islamic Account will not be charged daily swaps. Swap charges are fully replaced in the MT4 platform by daily administration fees on all Forex trading products.

Come and experience transparent CryptoCurrency and Forex trading with UCI-Limited on a wide range of cryptocurrency and forex currency pairs, commodities and indices. Clients will be able to access their Islamic cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, indices and commodities trading account via the powerful MT4 platform, as well as having the ability to trade anywhere anytime on the MetaQuotes mobile application.

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